Important Updates for CMMI Certification Holders and Users - Noticia CMMI Institute

With the release of the latest CMMI V3.0 Model, there have been several updates and enhancements to the CMMI Certification Pathways, Courses and Model Content. Please read below to ensure you are up to date on the latest CMMI content.

New Course and Certification Pathway

A new credentialing pathway for the latest version of CMMI is now available! The Certified CMMI Practitioner will empower professionals with enhanced capability improvement skills and prepare them to become an Appraisal Team Member (ATM) for all 8 CMMI domains.

Two new domains join the six existing to allow organizations even more flexibility to customize their CMMI adoption to their unique needs. The 8 model domains now include:

Through the new Building Organizational Capability (BOC) course and corresponding Practitioner Exam, students will gain in-depth insights into utilizing the CMMI model to drive business value through capability improvement, setting them up for success in tackling real-world challenges within their own organizations.

Current CMMI Associates are eligible to self-study and purchase the Practitioner exam for a special introductory price of $500 before 31 March 2024. After 31 March, CMMI Associates will be required to complete both the 4-day course and the exam.

If you wish to only serve on CMMI V3.0 DEV and SVC appraisals, there is no action required to keep your CMMI Associate certification current, aside from the usual renewal requirements.

If you plan to continue with CMMI, take advanced training courses, or pursue certification in the future, we highly recommend taking the Practitioner Exam before March 31 2024 or you will likely have additional training and exam requirements.  All new applicants will have to follow the new CMMI V3.0 pathway.


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